The People of APC

The People of APC

The people of APC Forest Products strive daily to create high-quality wooden pallets, custom crates and other products to best meet the needs of customers. They value teamwork in daily business practices and embrace a family culture relying on each other to achieve a positive and productive work environment. The safety of all is regarded with the utmost importance. APC stands committed to providing the safest work environment possible through comprehensive training, teamwork, and properly maintained equipment.

APC Leadership Team

Jeremy Bowley, President

jeremybowleyGrowing up on a farm in Indiana, Jeremy Bowley learned the value of hard work early. By the time he was a senior in high school, Bowley also was working 40 hours a week outside the classroom.

“I’m from a Christian home where my parents instilled a work ethic and values in me,” Bowley said. “My dad did not like a lot of idle time for his kids. In the summers we were baling hay or pulling weeds out of soy bean fields.”

When an opportunity to manage APC Forest Products in Muscle Shoals arose in early 2015, Bowley and his wife, Kate, moved their family to Alabama. Soon after, Bowley was offered ownership in the company and promoted to president.

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Rocky Willingham, Plant Operations Manager

rockywillinghamRocky Willingham brings more than 25 years of experience to his position as plant operations manager at APC Forest Products where he oversees manufacturing, storage, distribution, maintenance and staff at the 40-employee firm.

“From the time the rough lumber is delivered to make pallets until the trucks have returned, it is my daily goal to make our operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible,” Willingham said. “Our customers deserve the very best products we can make.”

He joined APC in 2014 after serving more than 15 years in management at a national corporation and 10 years as a long haul truck driver. He also has worked as a mechanic, in sales, and has owned his own business.

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Kim Brackin, Office Manager

kim brackinSince 2004, Kim Brackin has been the friendly voice customers and vendors hear when they call APC Forest Products in Muscle Shoals.

“From answering the phone to having pallets delivered to making sure the checks are in the bank, I have the ability to change hats quickly,” Brackin said, smiling. “I can go from customers to employees to vendors and (almost always) keep it all flowing smoothly.”

An accounting major while attending the University of North Alabama, she has a simple yet effective philosophy for work and life: “Do it today. Do it with a smile. Say please and thank you.”

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