Pallet Recovery & Management

APC Forest Products assists clients in pallet recovery and management through membership with First Alliance Logistics Management, a network of the top 20 wooden pallet producers in the U.S.

First Alliance specializes in recovering proprietary shipping platforms for customers across the United States. The overall pallet recovery process can be broken down into six steps that create a “virtuous cycle” ultimately saving you money and allowing pallet manufacturers less waste. The pallet recovery cycle maximizes value in the supply chain by facilitating the reuse of returnable packaging assets such as wooden pallets and crates.

The recovery cycle, which begins when your pallet reaches its final destination, seeks to balance service and value.

First Alliance uses a closed loop management system, offering prompt, reliable recovery and return of pallets and other returnable packaging items. This allows your company to eliminate packaging waste, saving both time and money. Reusing packaging products improves the environment and increases profitability.

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