Since 1970, APC Forest Products has earned a reputation for outstanding customer service, quality workmanship, consistency and reliability. While APC Forest Products ships up to 150 miles from its Muscle Shoals, Alabama site, the company also can provide service outside the area by calling on a trusted team of industry partners.

The company also offers competitive pricing. APC has forged long-term relationships with its suppliers, earning their trust by buying in bulk and paying early to receive discounts. Those savings are then passed along to customers.

The APC team builds prides itself on being dependable, keeping raw materials on site and a large supply of finished wooden pallets in stock for repeat customers. Clients are guaranteed the pallets they need when they need them. The company’s plant is automated and computerized to expedite the manufacturing process. APC Forest Products builds as many as 32,000 pallets a month at its location in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. When needed, employees are prepared to work extra shifts, including on weekends, to quickly respond to customers’ requests.

APC Forest Products is in compliance with ISPM-15 Guidelines.

For more information, contact Kim Brackin at and 256.248.3322.

APC Forest Products
338 E. Washington Drive
Muscle Shoals, AL 35661

PH: 256-248-3322
F: 256.248.3323