Affiliations & Key Industry Links

  •  Bay Wood Products, Inc.

    Bay Wood Products, based in Robertsdale, AL, is a full service manufacturer of wooden pallets, rough-cut lumber, dunnage and crates with a recent expansion into the biofuel and mulch markets. The company is one of the largest single-site manufacturers of wooden pallets in Alabama and Mississippi, specializing in custom-designed solutions to wood packing material needs.

  •  WNC Pallet & Forest Products

    WNC Pallet & Forest Products is the largest fully integrated forest products supplier in all of Western North Carolina. WNC buys land and timber and produces quality pallets, skids and boxes.

  •  Pasadena Skid & Pallet

    Pasadena Skid & Pallet is a diversified manufacturer and wholesaler of generic and specialty pallets, packaging and material handling products. The company sells recycled pallets, plywood, boxes and crates, dunnage, industrial lumber and timbers. They also specialize in custom built container and trailer braces and bulkheads.

  •  First Alliance Logistics Management, LLC 

    First Alliance offers a wide range of turnkey solutions for your returnable packaging and other recycle streams. The organization consists of a network of suppliers of 225 pallet manufacturers and recyclers from all over the county. We also have a reliable network of recyclers of different materials including cardboard, plastics, and scrap metal.

  •  Nature’s Packaging – Choose the Sustainable Way

    Nature’s Packaging was developed with the support of The Pallet Foundation, National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA), the Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association (CWPCA), and the Western Pallet Association (WPA). This non-profit organization is a North American initiative to develop and deliver sound, fact-based materials on the environmental opportunities associated with your wood packaging selection decisions. It is our firm belief that this information will lead to your expanded use of wood packaging, and collectively will improve the environment while addressing the growing needs of global distribution.

  •  National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA)

    NWPCA is the largest organization of wood packaging professionals in the world. It is a trade association with more than 700 company members in 28 countries who manufacturer, repair and distribute pallets, containers and reels or supply products and services to the industry. The organization serves as a consultant to members on business and industry issues; we identify ways members can make money and save money. NWPCA also serves as advocates for members with federal legislators and regulators who impact the ways in which industry members operate and do business.

  •  American Lumber Standard Company 

    American Lumber Standard Company is a non-profit organization comprised of manufacturers, distributors, users and consumers of lumber. It serves as the standing committee for the American Softwood Lumber Standard and in accordance with PS 20, administers an accreditation program for the grade-marking of lumber produced under the American Lumber Standard (ALS) system. This is an integral part of the lumber industry’s economy and is the basis for the sale and purchase of virtually all softwood lumber traded in N. America. Their overall function is to maintain the American Softwood Lumber Standard.

  •  U.S. Department of Agriculture – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

  •  Timber Product Inspection

    Timber Products Inspection is an independent third party wood products inspection, testing and consulting company with field representation throughout the U.S. Their mission is to provide superior quality assurance programs and services to the forest products industry.

  •  Shoals Economic Development Association (SEDA)

  •  Muscle Shoals Chamber of Commerce

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