Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Q. What is just in time delivery?

APC Forest Products offers regular customers a service where they deliver wooden shipping materials as needed to the site “just in time” for their use. 

For other questions, contact Kim Brackin at and 256.248.3322.


Q. Is there a minimum or maximum limit to the number of pallets that can be ordered? 

There are no quantity limits on ordering. As long as a customer is willing to pay for delivery, APC will fill even the smallest requests.

Q. Does APC have the capability to keep inventory in stock for regular clients?

Yes. APC Forest Products can keep inventory in stock for clients.

Q. Do you perform the heat-treat process?

In response to customers who ship overseas, APC Forest Products heat treats wooden materials, following guidelines set by the U.S. government.

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